Highly Recommended Cardio Workout Plan for Beginners

Are you one of those people who consider the start of the New Year as the best time to start shedding off unwanted pounds? If so, take time to read this as this contains a simple cardio workout plan primarily targeted for beginners.

“Why cardio?” you may ask. Well, cardio workouts are specifically meant to increase your heart rate. Increased heart rate is necessary especially if you want to put your body in the zone, the zone wherein it’s most capable of burning calories and fat. Any person who wants to start exercising must have a basic cardio workout plan. Without one, you’ll be groping in the dark all throughout your workout routine.

Typically, a cardio workout plan contains the exercise routines that must be performed on a regular basis.  The plan must also indicate the duration as well as intensity of a certain routine.  However, before starting any exercise program, make sure that you have consulted a physician first. This advice is particularly helpful for those who have pre-existing health conditions so they can safely exercise. After all, hypertension is possible after a rigorous workout. You’ll do well to ensure you heart health is at its pinkest. You can try taking a supplement with propionyl l carnitine, which is meant to improve blood flow throughout the body for better heart health.

Nevertheless, the cardio workout plan for beginners must only contain basic set of exercises that are easy to do. Here’s a sample cardio workout plan for beginners:

1. Stretching exercises- Any form of physical activity must begin with stretching so muscles are warmed up. This prevents further injury by making the body more flexible. People who immediately start exercising without proper warm-up often experience body pain after working out. Simple stretching exercises like reaching your toes while seated as well as stretching your arms are good enough.

2. Walking – Start by walking slowly then increase your pace. Talk or sing while you are walking until you almost run out of breath. This ensures that you are reaching your training heart rate. Having a companion walk with you or listening to good music can take your mind off the task. Walk for at least half an hour.

3. Jumping Jack or Jump Rope – After walking, do not immediately sit down. Instead you can try jumping rope or ten jumping jacks.  Then, jog or walk in place as part of cooling down.

4. Stretching – Stretching at the end of the exercise is also important to prevent sore muscles. Do the same stretching routine that you did from the start.

Try repeating this basic cardio workout plan on a regular basis. If you can do this for at least five times a week, your risk for heart disease and diabetes can greatly decrease. Plus, you would also lose weight which can be very flattering. Also, make sure you wear the proper sports attire so you can feel comfortable. Lastly, make sure you drink enough water or sports drink so you won’t get dehydrated.

A Must Try Mitochondrial Support Supplement

Aging is not only associated with wrinkled knees, elbows, and even visible lines on the face; but it is also associated with thinning of hair which may later on lead to baldness or constant body pain such as constant soreness of their feet, neck, and other parts of the body. Due to this issue, people feel physically and mentally fatigue all the time. Stressing over this will lead to unhealthy living.

There is no way that people can stop aging; but there are ways they can at least fight its symptoms or signs. In the market today, there are products that were made to provide the nutrients which the body needs in order to keep the energy that is the same with young adults; as well as to hide the signs of the aging to make one look younger. However, not all products in the market that promises energy boost and a younger looking skin are effective and safe to use.

For those people who are currently looking for a supplement which will provide the nutrients they need to avoid the signs of aging, a great mitochondrial support supplement will be introduced in this article.

MITOTRAX Bio Enhanced Mitochondria Supplement

This product is a supplement which helps boost one’s energy through supplying the right nutrients or ingredient the mitochondria need. In every cell, there is an organelle where the energy or power of the cell is stored. This cell breaks down the nutrients it receives and turn it into an energy which lets a human body perform the normal body function it needs to get done like walking, sitting down, talking, and etc.

How Does it Help People Boost Their Energy?

The MITOTRAX Bio Enhanced Mitochondria Supplement contains the main ingredients the mitochondria need in order to supply the energy needed by the body; unlike other products which is available in the market. These ingredients include Coenzyme Q10, NADH, Alpha Lipoic Acid and L-Carnitine (ALCAR). Among all other supplements which is available in the market, this is the only product that contains doses of the ingredients mentioned; which contributes to its effectiveness as well when it comes to boosting one’s energy, fight fatigue and other signs of aging.

Additional Vitamins it Provides

Aside from the key ingredients which the mitochondria needs, this supplement also provides other vitamins which the human body normally needs every day; such as Vitamin C, B1, B2, Magnesium Citrate, Calcium Phosphate, and Curcumin. Combined vitamins and the key ingredients, this supplement is cheaper compared when these vitamins are bought separately.

Although it provides the ingredients which help the body produce the energy needed for every day’s work; physically and mentally, there is still a need to consult one’s physician before taking this supplement. Aside from that, a little disclaimer is to be observed; regardless of what the supplement can do to one’s body. However, this supplement is not intended to heal, diagnose, prevent or cure existing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, heart problems, and other diseases.

Choosing the Right Kidney Health Supplement

Having two functioning kidneys can give a false sense of security. It’s not unheard of for people to comment that it’s fine to lose one kidney as a result of their indulgent bad habits and vices. And with kidney transplants seemingly proving their point, they come to believe that this is really the case. Unfortunately for them, it’s not. Anyone who is left with one kidney is subjected to a strict lifestyle. And who’s to say that only one kidney will fail from all those self-inflicted abuses, anyway? Those two kidneys reside in the same body and it’s highly likely that an irresponsible lifestyle will lead to both deteriorating at the same time.

What’s sad about this predicament is that quitting bad habits is close to impossible given that it takes a lot of willpower. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be an overnight effort. In fact, a gradual adjustment to a healthy lifestyle is more recommended because it’s easier and is likely to be a permanent change. Going cold turkey will feel miserable and one will only end up thinking they were having such a good time before trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. Of course, this gradual effort is much better if taken with supplements. This makes the health benefits be felt more dramatically and quickly.

However, it is worth noting that the market is inundated with bogus products, health supplements included. This makes finding the right supplement quite a challenge for those who have absolutely no idea where to start. Like any product, there are individuals and businesses who are only out to make a profit at the expense of others. Yes, even if it meant that their buyers end up with life-threatening kidney diseases from trusting their products.

One of the best ways to filter out deceptive kidney health supplements is by choosing one that’s made of natural ingredients. To be clear, there are brands with synthetic chemicals that work to some degree. However, natural ingredients have considerable advantages over the lab-grown counterparts. One is the fact that the body knows how to process simple and natural substances, something that can’t really be said about complex chemical compounds.

Another good way of choosing a reliable kidney health supplement is by checking online listings. Reputable online stores are likely to have review sections for their products on sale. Even the shoddiest of merchant sites have review sites, in fact. Customer reviews are an old mine for helpful insights when buying unfamiliar products. Kidney health supplements included. In addition to lengthy written reviews, there are also ratings that can provide a rather terse summary of the brand’s reputation and reliability. Checking both is recommended to make sure that here’s a good kidney health supplement, not a fluke.

It’s up to the customer to decide whether to buy in bulk or just try out one bottle. Though, for the most part, reputable brands are usually safe to buy in bulk. Since their supplements are reliable anyway, it might be a good idea to take advantage of their bulk sale price.


Considerations When Buying Appetite Suppressants

These days, the usual means of losing weight by sheer willpower is no longer deemed to be effective. It’s not effective in the sense that it’s harder to adhere to because of modern day conveniences. Such conveniences include easy food preparation and automation of activities that would have otherwise used up stored energy, a.k.a. “fat”. And everyone can definitely agree that processed food – which so happens to be convenient and goes well with the busy modern lifestyle – usually taste amazing. It is addicting, in fact. The good news is that even with these modern-day obstacles to fat loss, there’s a way to still make it work. And that is by using appetite suppressants. It’s a direct answer to the biggest source of weight gain, which is eating more than necessary. However, before rushing over to an online store to buy a couple of bottles, there are some important things to consider. With so many brands around, buyer’s remorse is highly likely for buyers who spend indiscriminately.

  1. Reputable brand.

Buying an appetite suppressant that is relatively popular has its merits. For one, they are likely particular with keeping their reputation intact, which means their quality control isn’t something that they take lightly. On the other hand, everyone is aware that popular brands are, to some extent, adding a premium to their price just because they are able to. Because people trust them too much to risk paying for a cheaper brand that they are unsure of. Nevertheless, it’s also advised to keep away from brands that are obviously way off in their business’s valuation. Averaging is the key.

  1. Made with natural ingredients.

One of the biggest concerns with using supplements and other ingestible compounds when trying to lose fat is that the threat of an annoying side-effect is just around the corner. Some can cause oily and loose bowels while others can cause stomach cramps. A terrifying compound which is known to directly burn fat tissues can even cause death, which is why it’s prohibited. Buy why bother burning fat stores directly when it can be utilized by the body through calorie deficit courtesy of a suppressed appetite? A natural appetite suppressant can provide results with virtually zero side-effects. It’s eating less without the torturous hunger pangs.

  1. Supply availability.

Sometimes, suppliers of effective and popular supplements, especially appetite suppressants, run out of stocks. This can be an annoying setback, more so if there’s already tangible progress to writing home about. A cessation of the process can be detrimental because the body is convinced it can eat the same volume prior to taking suppressants. To be fair, supply shortage can happen to well-managed businesses. One way to avoid missing out from the schedule is by purchasing a buffer. Meaning buying more bottle than what one actually needs. This comes with the advantage of being able to avail of bulk sale prices. It’s basically a win-win scenario and even billionaires recommend buying in bulk when buying perishable supplies. Besides, even after losing weight, appetite suppressants are still useful such as being invited to a banquet.

The Best Supplements for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is perfectly normal for someone to feel tired once in a while. Unfortunately for some people, they tend to feel the exhaustion much worse than the usual and such feeling lasts for at least six months or more, which is now considered to be chronic fatigue syndrome. This condition can affect almost anyone, but a pattern has been observed to people who are between the ages of 20 and 50. Though the frequent exhaustion can cause extreme inconvenience, it is highly recommended for the person to maintain a positive outlook in life, especially because of the fact that the condition can be addressed effectively and naturally.

In some cases, chronic fatigue syndrome can be effectively addressed by regularly taking in the safe and recommended doses of energy supplements. There are hundreds, or maybe thousands, of products that are primarily manufactured for the main purpose of boosting the energy of an individual. Not all of them are as effective and safe as they claim, and in can be quite difficult to find the best one available in the market today. To help you find the right energy supplement to fight off chronic fatigue syndrome, there are some factors and characteristics that you might want to take a look at.

First and foremost, the best chronic fatigue supplements should be rich in necessary nutrients that are generally designed to address the said condition. You do not just have to choose the one that says it is an energy supplement filled with natural ingredients. You should take a look at the components for yourself and make sure that these are necessary as an energy booster, such as the B vitamins, some essential fatty acids, and many more.

Aside from what the energy supplement contains, the best one should not be containing certain elements, such as caffeine. Most of the products today that are considered energy boosters contained a significant amount of caffeine. In this case, the energy boost will only be temporary and would make someone rely too much on its caffeine content instead of total rejuvenation of the human body.

In addition to caffeine, one should make sure that their energy boosting supplements do not mainly contain artificial sugars. This will only cause the person to experience a sugar rush, which is a sensation of having too much energy because of large amounts of foods rich in sugar. This is only a temporary provision of energy. It will not give long-term benefits and may, unfortunately, cause health problems in the long run.

A good energy supplement can be easily absorbed by the body once taken. The need for energy is an immediate need most of the time, therefore, the best energy supplement should take effect immediately also. It will be useless for an energy booster if it would take an hour or even longer to be effective. Supplements that are available in powdered form is the ideal one.

Lastly, one should consider the price of the supplement itself. It should be worth every penny that you are going to spend for it.

Adding Pounds: How to Gain Weight Fast and Safe

Even though the society is more affectionate of losing weight than gaining some, there are numbers of slim people who are having difficulties of gaining weight, especially those who are clinically underweight. If you are one of many people who wanted to gain weight to increase muscle mass or for health reasons, below are the top ways on how to gain weight fast, safe, and easy:

Tip #1: Eat more calories

Almost all slim people have faster metabolic rate than the average person; in other words, their body burns calories faster than the usual. So, if you want to gain weight, you need to add few more calories to your current meal; for instance, adding cheese to your bacon sandwich or adding milk, cheese, and a few slices of vegetables to your scrambled egg or omelet Also, try increasing your carbohydrate intakes such as rice, bread, potatoes, legumes, beans, and more to your current diet.

Tip #2: Try carrying snacks that are high in fat

To gain weight, you should include food with high-fat content on your current diet. Below are some high-fat content foods that you need to eat:

  • Nuts
  • Avocadoes
  • Fatty fish like tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel, and more
  • Chocolates (preferably dark chocolates)
  • Cheese
  • Coconut and coconut oil
  • Full-fat yogurt

Tip #3: Increase your protein intake

Protein is one of the essential nutrients that the body needs when gaining healthy weight or losing unhealthy weight. According to medical experts, people who want to gain weight effectively should have at least have 15 to 20 percent of protein intake each day.

Tip #4: Take supplements

There are several appetite stimulating supplement that is sold in the market, but only Biovy’s appetite stimulant supplement can provide safe and fast weight gain. The supplement is formulated all natural but backed with science. Also, the reason why it is safe and known as a fast-acting supplement is due to the ingredients that were used, and here is why:

  • Gentian Root Powder

This herb had been used for many years in treating people who are suffering from rapid and unwanted weight loss by restoring appetite. Also, it helps food absorption.

  • Agmatine

An amino acid l-arginine derivative that helps promote insulin sensitivity, helps build-up muscles, and increase appetite.

  • Fenugreek extract

This herb is known as an appetite stimulant and helps improve digestion

  • Pelargonium sidoides extracts

It helps improve the mucus dispersion; thus, it helps increase appetite.

Tip #5: Exercise and build muscle mass

Working out does not only aid in losing weight but it also helps increase body mass by building up the muscles. Additionally, it improves cardiovascular strength and reducing the risk of having chronic heart diseases. Losing weight is challenging, and so does gaining weight. If you think you need to increase your weight for health reasons, you should start doing it now, even though there are doubts and stigmas that surround in gaining weight, it should never stop you. All you need is confidence and with the little help of the top five ways to increase weight fast and safe.

Relieve Nerve Pain Naturally

Nerve pain, medically termed as neuropathic pain, is considered to be one of the most inconvenient pain that can be difficult to deal with. Whatever the cause of the nerve pain is, it can surely make someone suffer horribly even if it will just be for a short span of time. Some of the most common causes of neuropathic pain are shingles, diabetes, medical treatments like chemotherapy, and other medical conditions. The unfortunate thing about this case is the fact that not many medical professionals and physicians are trained enough to address nerve pain. Most of the time, they tend to give anti-inflammatory medications and analgesics, which can only relieve pain for a moment but does not provide long-term benefits.

Fortunately, nerve pain is highly treatable if you only have the necessary knowledge on what possibly causes it as well as the natural ways to address it. There have been research studies that showed how effective certain nutrients and natural elements can help relieve pain or completely eradicate it by healing and rejuvenating the nerves. Some of these elements include the lipoic acid, Acetyl L-carnitine, and B vitamins. If recommended doses of these nutrients are taken on a regular basis, there is a good chance that nerve pain can be eliminated and long term positive effects will be experienced. It is known that the nerves take too much time to heal and repair damages that is why natural treatments are recommended to be taken for three months up to a year.

One of the most effective natural ways to relieve nerve pain temporarily or even permanently is by ensuring that you are practicing a healthy lifestyle. This refers to your physical activities and most importantly the diet. Earlier, the nutrients that can help the nerves healthy are enumerated, such as lipoic acid and B vitamins. In addition to that, the omega-3, which can be obtained through fishes and other seafood, is said to play a role in making sure that the nerves are functioning at its maximum potential. Including the sources of these nutrients on your daily diet would ensure that there will be enough elements that can help rejuvenate nerves, and eventually, relieve pain.

In the event that these nutrients are not taken adequately and regularly, there are natural supplements that can serve as an alternative. The best natural nerve pain supplement for sale should be consisting mostly of natural ingredients, most especially those that contribute a lot to the rejuvenation and maintenance of the nervous system as a whole. You may take a look at the ingredients of the supplement before buying one. It would also help to read on some reviews and feedback about your top choices.

Aside from a healthy diet and natural nerve supplements, there are also water therapies that have been suggested. In addition to drinking the recommended amount of water every day, there are certain baths and showers that are known to soothe and calm those nerves down after they have been overused or are experiencing different medical disorders.


Pain Relief Supplement


When it comes to providing relief for pain, regardless of the intensity and duration, most people would immediately reach out to certain pharmaceutical means, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and a number of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. There is no doubt as to the efficacy of these medications, but for chronic and debilitating pain, a prolonged intake of these drugs may eventually cause certain negative effects on the human body. Some of the medications to relieve pain, if taken for a long time, can cause damage to the liver and intestines, according to some medical researches. That is why it is highly recommended to opt for a number of natural ways for pain relief before relying too much on those chemically prepared medications.

Ginger is among the highly recommended natural agents for pain relief. This one is known to be a very powerful and effective anti-inflammatory and is considered to be much more efficient than other medicines for pain relief, such as ibuprofen. Some drugs are highly regarded because of their capacity to block the inflammation processes by blocking certain compounds. However, ginger can do that and so much more. It has an antioxidant capacity to help break them an existing inflammation as well as the acidity of the liquids that are in the joints, resulting in the relief of joint pains.

Another natural and reliable component for pain relief is the turmeric. Some research studies showed how effective turmeric is in combating inflammation. It is even known to have an anti-cancer property. A certain part of turmeric has the capacity to reduce the levels of a couple of enzymes in the human body that are known to cause inflammation. In addition to that, turmeric can generally improve the circulation of blood and prevent its clotting.

Coming from the family of chili peppers, capsaicin has been known to be an effective topical agent for the reduction of muscle, joint, and nerve pain. It generally works by stopping a certain substance from transmitting pain signals to the central nervous system, particularly the brain.

It may not be as abundant as it should and not many people are well aware of it, but valerian root has been considered as the nature’s tranquilizer. It significantly reduces the sensitivity of the nerves, providing a certain level of anesthesia and alleviating any sensation to pain. A drink of a cup of valerian root can amazingly provide a natural relief from pain and body ache.

Other natural herbs, spices, and plants that can naturally help relieve any type of pain are magnesium, cats claw, boswelia, white willow bark, and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

All these elements cannot be completely taken in a set of three meals daily. Fortunately, there are natural pain relief supplements and products that can house all these in a single tablet or pill. You can find a great pain relief supplement on Amazon anytime but make sure that the manufacturer is reputable and the ingredients are generally safe and natural. Most importantly, they contain some or most of the natural plants mentioned.


The Uric Acid in the Blood: Understanding More About Uric Acid

What is Uric Acid? According to the medical description, uric acid is the end product of purine. In a natural process, the kidney washes the uric acid from the blood and out from the body through urine.

What happens if the body contains too much Uric Acid?

The normal level of uric acid for a female is 2.4 – 6.0 mg/ dL, while the male is 3.4 – 7.0 mg/dL. However, if there is a slight to abnormal change that could mean there is something wrong happening inside the body. According to the medical description, when the serum urate level increases and the body is unable to eliminate the excess level, the person may suffer from hyperuricemia. The overproduction of uric acid can lead to chronic kidney disease or gout. A gout is a form of arthritis where the crystal formed uric acid builds up in the joint. Although common, in rare cases, some people may not develop gout.

What happens when the body contains a low level of uric acid?

While it is alarming that the blood may contain a high level of uric acid, low level of uric acid is rather rare and is commonly a sign of an underlying health condition which is found to have obvious symptoms of mild to severe bone pain, fatigue, and dehydration (a rare case where uric acid is largely excreted through urine).

The importance of determining the levels of uric acid

Determining the levels of uric acid is an important diagnostic tool in determining whether a person is suffering from metabolic disorders. Below are the common indicators that a person is suffering from hyperuricemia or hypouricemia:

Hyperuricemia (increased level of uric acid):

  • Gout
  • Chronic Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Leukemia
  • Lead poisoning
  • Kidney disease/failure
  • Polycythemia
  • Toxemia in pregnancy

Hypouricemia (decreased level of uric acid):

  • Fanconi syndrome
  • Wilson’s disease
  • Liver or kidney disease

Why is it important to take care of uric acid level?

Balancing the uric acid level is no difference in taking blood glucose and cholesterol level into serious consideration. Monitoring may be performed every six months for people who have a history of high or low uric acid level in the body.

How to maintain the levels of uric acid?

To maintain the level of uric acid, below are some fast and simple tips:

Tip #1: Always drink water

Drinking enough water (at least 3-4 liters per day) has a huge impact on the body, which also includes maintaining the level of uric acid. According to the experts, there is a low chance of uric acid crystal build-up in a well-hydrated body.

Tip #2: Take effective supplements

If you want to maintain the balance of uric acid level in the blood, you have to buy a uric acid supplement. According to the experts, increasing or decreasing uric acid level through food intake is not enough. So, consider buying a uric acid supplement like NutraUric Supplement.

Tip #3: Increase or decrease purine intake

The uric acid is the end product of purines. So, if a person is suffering from hyperuricemia, it is best to decrease purine intake; likewise, if a person is suffering from hypouricemia, it is best to increase purine intake.

Bottom Line

Even though uric acid is considered as a metabolic waste, it plays a huge part in overall health. If you want to be healthy and maintain the level of uric acid, you have to learn everything about uric acid.


Common Dog Eye Problems

For dogs, aside from their sensitive smelling, their sight has the most wonderful functions. Unfortunately, their eyes are also one of the most prone to diseases, especially when they get older. Here are some of the most common eye problems and how you, as the owner, could help cure them.


Corneal Wounds


Dogs, especially those that are active, are prone to different wounds, injuries, and cuts in several parts of their bodies. Their eyes are not an exception to this. When dogs run around and get poked by objects, even tall grasses, they can acquire some corneal wounds. The cornea of a dog is a thin tissue that covers their eyes. Once the cornea gets lacerated, even just a bit, the dog would feel pain and irritation. The eyes would usually become red and would tear up a lot. It can get infected and the infection can spread if not properly treated. In this case, you can use antibiotic drops or ointments for the eyes to hasten the healing of the wound and to ease the pain that the dog could be feeling. If this does not get treated immediately, surgery would be needed to repair the cornea.




Humans are not the only ones who can get cataracts when they get older. Dogs, and other animals have them, too. This eye problem could lead to poor vision or even blindness if they are left untreated. It is not hard to detect if your dog has cataract because the pupils, which is located at the center of the eye and should be black, would appear milky or greyish like a cloud is covering it. If you think that your dog has cataracts, you would need to take it immediately to a veterinarian for surgery. The longer you delay the surgery, the faster the cataract would spread over the dog’s eyes.




Glaucoma is when the balance of the fluid production and drainage in the eyes is disrupted and the pressure rises. When a dog has glaucoma, you would notice the reddening of the eyes, constant tearing, cloudy cornea, dilated pupils, and the third eyelid which is normally hidden would be visible.

For more serious cases, the eyes become larger than normal. To treat this kind of problem, you can have the dog take some oral medications or eye drops after talking to the veterinarian, to help put the fluid production and drainage back into balance. To prevent these diseases from happening to your dog, you can try milk thistle. Some people might ask, “is milk thistle for dogs healthy?” Of course, they are. They are mostly used by dog owners to help their dogs maintain good eyesight without damaging the liver.