Common Dog Eye Problems

For dogs, aside from their sensitive smelling, their sight has the most wonderful functions. Unfortunately, their eyes are also one of the most prone to diseases, especially when they get older. Here are some of the most common eye problems and how you, as the owner, could help cure them.


Corneal Wounds


Dogs, especially those that are active, are prone to different wounds, injuries, and cuts in several parts of their bodies. Their eyes are not an exception to this. When dogs run around and get poked by objects, even tall grasses, they can acquire some corneal wounds. The cornea of a dog is a thin tissue that covers their eyes. Once the cornea gets lacerated, even just a bit, the dog would feel pain and irritation. The eyes would usually become red and would tear up a lot. It can get infected and the infection can spread if not properly treated. In this case, you can use antibiotic drops or ointments for the eyes to hasten the healing of the wound and to ease the pain that the dog could be feeling. If this does not get treated immediately, surgery would be needed to repair the cornea.




Humans are not the only ones who can get cataracts when they get older. Dogs, and other animals have them, too. This eye problem could lead to poor vision or even blindness if they are left untreated. It is not hard to detect if your dog has cataract because the pupils, which is located at the center of the eye and should be black, would appear milky or greyish like a cloud is covering it. If you think that your dog has cataracts, you would need to take it immediately to a veterinarian for surgery. The longer you delay the surgery, the faster the cataract would spread over the dog’s eyes.




Glaucoma is when the balance of the fluid production and drainage in the eyes is disrupted and the pressure rises. When a dog has glaucoma, you would notice the reddening of the eyes, constant tearing, cloudy cornea, dilated pupils, and the third eyelid which is normally hidden would be visible.

For more serious cases, the eyes become larger than normal. To treat this kind of problem, you can have the dog take some oral medications or eye drops after talking to the veterinarian, to help put the fluid production and drainage back into balance. To prevent these diseases from happening to your dog, you can try milk thistle. Some people might ask, “is milk thistle for dogs healthy?” Of course, they are. They are mostly used by dog owners to help their dogs maintain good eyesight without damaging the liver.

Reverse Bad Study Habits With Study Techniques and Tips

Passing school is one thing, but graduating with flying colors is a totally different story. It is not really that complicated because, in order to pass a subject, all that a person needs to do is to is to pass quizzes, tests and of course assignments. However, how can students conquer these if the study habits they practice are wrong? How can bad habits be reversed? The solution is simple; reverse bad study habits using healthy study techniques and tips. Moreover, it would be a good idea for students to take a uridine supplement that’s known to improve brain functions, as well as promote both short term and long term memories.

People go to school to gain the knowledge they need to prosper in life. Getting a degree is not a guarantee that a person can succeed in life, but not getting any education is sorely disadvantageous, too. Students need to realize that going to school is more than about the degree; it is about being educated. To be educated, one needs to abandon bad study habits and instead aim towards developing positive learning habits. Here are some of the study techniques and tips that can help a student reverse their bad study habits.

  1. Make use of acronyms.

This is one of the things that students are familiar with but who do not know that these can be used as a study tool. Students can try to look for acronyms or they can make them on their own. Acronyms are very helpful when students need to memorize a long list of objective items, phrases and such.

  1. One tip that students need to remember is to bring a pen and a small notebook always.

These two things are very vital because students are going to need these when taking down notes. Students need to remember that notes need not be organized. In fact, they can draw lines to show connections of words with each other but still, students must make sure that they still understand everything they write down.

  1. When students are reading textbooks and such, one very helpful study technique is for them to visualize what they are reading.

To visualize means to picture out what they can see. They can even make stories out of what they read. Some people even say that the crazier the picture, the better; this is because of the fact that it is going to be a lot easier to remember. When students are finished with all the visualizing, they can try technique and tip number four.

  1. After students visualize what they have read in their textbooks, they can try to draw these.

This is very helpful especially if these things are posted in a student’s study area, that way they can be easily memorized.

  1. Another thing that can help students be successful in their study is for them to test themselves.

After they study or before, they can test how much information they remembered and how much studying is still needed.

  1. Students need to keep in mind that nobody is perfect and that everyone has problems.

There are those people who have low grades despite the fact that they study so hard and follow all of the techniques and tips. This is the time when students need to look at their weaknesses and find a way on how they can overcome these.

In fact, there are so many more study techniques and tips that can greatly help in reversing the bad study habits that students have developed today. If students are willing to give these techniques and tips a try, they might just graduate with flying colors.

What Are the Causes of Bladder Infection?

When you feel pain or a burning sensation each time you urinate, it could be a sign of bladder infection. This bacterial infection can affect any part of your urinary tract. Actually, a bladder infection is a common type of urinary tract infection or UTI. This condition is also often called cystitis, which means inflammation of the bladder. You’re probably wondering what the causes of bladder infection are.


There are several, but studies show that sexually active people have a higher risk of developing this condition. The most common strain of bladder infection is the bacteria Escherichia coli or E. coli. When the bacteria enter the bladder through the urethra, the infection is triggered.


Urologists at Mayo Clinic say that infection of the urethra may occur when gastrointestinal bacteria travels from the anus straight up to the urethra. These bacteria from the anus normally reside in abundance on the skin closest to the rectum or in the vagina. Hence, women have higher tendencies of being infected. During sexual intercourse or in any activity where the vagina is subjected to rubbing, the risk of pushing bacteria into the urethra is great. This is probably the reason why some people refer to bladder infection as “honeymoon cystitis”. This only underscores the fact that the risk for bladder infection increases with frequent sexual intercourse.

Bladder infection doesn’t spare pregnant women, too. The hormonal changes a woman goes through during pregnancy, as well as increased kidney function, making her susceptible to bladder infections. Included among the symptoms of bladder infections or urinary tract infections is waiting too long to urinate. Alternatively, UTI can cause incontinence or the strong, uncontrollable urge to urinate, which is why patients with UTI are told to take a bladder control supplement. The bladder is a muscle. Hence, just as the muscles in your arms flex, so does the bladder. It expands to keep urine in and contracts every time you urinate. If you wait too long before you urinate from the time you first experience the need to go, your bladder would stretch beyond its natural capacity.


If this continues, or if holding your urine becomes a habit, your bladder muscle would become significantly weaker. When your bladder becomes too weak, it may lose its ability to empty out completely; thus, each time you urinate, some urine would be left inside. While urine doesn’t necessarily contain bacteria, leftover urine in the bladder has a higher risk of being infected with bacteria. As a result, it increases the chances of developing bladder infection or UTI.


Nevertheless, while bladder infections are uncomfortable and potentially serious, its treatment isn’t difficult. For men, though, bladder infections can be a sign of something more serious; thus, there is an even greater need to detect what the causes of bladder infection are. However, it’s important to establish the fact that bladder infections rarely lead to complications. Yet, if you don’t do anything to treat it at its early stages, it can lead to complications that are more serious. According to the National Kidney and Urological Information Clearinghouse, when bacteria present in the bladder travels up to the kidneys, a serious kidney infection known as pyelonephritis may develop. Symptoms of this infection are pain and fever. If you don’t treat the kidney infection right away, it ends up being more serious than bladder infection and may lead to complications.


Therefore, as soon as you start feeling something different in your bladder area, don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure”. Never underestimate the power of those five words.

Recover From Intense Workouts with Protein Supplements

A protein supplement offers immediate muscle gains to the serious bodybuilder. But anyone with a clean bill of health can benefit from the supplement. Fitness training programs have different goals, and your workout could be designed to help you build endurance, enhance muscle definition, lose weight, or recuperate from an injury. Your body needs protein to recover from physical activity, but your consumption depends on your workout goals and your diet plan. A healthy adult needs about 0.75 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight. You have to increase your daily consumption if you exercise regularly or if you’re under a training program, though.


Supplements like whey protein come in different formulations; some offer pure protein per serving (isolates) while others are diluted with carbohydrates and fat (concentrates). Bodybuilders prefer isolates because these maximize their protein intake and do away with the extra calories. Isolates are your best sources for whey protein regardless of your goals, but you can also opt for blends if you prefer customized formulations. Protein blends are better than concentrates because these come in various combinations of whey protein and nutrients.


Protein supplements usually come in powdered or ready-to-drink varieties so you can consume a serving right before and immediately after a workout. Protein shakes are alternatives to quick meals; their formulations ensure efficient absorption, a prerequisite to post-workout recovery. Nevertheless, there are supplements like HMB that, while considered a protein supplement, can help you form leaner muscle mass and decrease fat mass. At the same time, the supplement shortens your recovery time in between workouts, increases gains, prevents protein breakdown, and speeds up the repair of muscle fibers you damage during an intense workout regimen.


You should supplement your workout nutrition whey protein; protein shakes are proven to help muscles recover from intense exercises. These replenish muscle glycogen, your body’s main source of energy. You’ll exhaust your store of glycogen during physical activity, and you have to replace it so your body can recover from the exercise. If you’re under a workout program, then you need to consume 1.4 to 2 grams of pure protein for every kilogram of your body weight. Endurance athletes only need the minimum amounts (1 to 1.6 grams for every kilogram of body weight), so they’ll benefit from the combination of protein and calories in concentrates. You have to maximize your consumption if you’re into strength training, about 1.6 to 2 grams of pure protein a day.


Such vitamin supplements should only supplement instead of replacing a proper diet, though. You can meet your daily requirements with protein-rich food; lean meats and beans are excellent protein sources. These also contain a variety of nutrients you won’t find in protein supplements. You should consume protein shakes before and after a workout, but you should also adopt a diet that’ll cover for your body’s nutritional needs.


Compensate for your body’s spent energy resources and supplement your workouts with protein shakes. Maximize the benefits of your program and adopt a holistic combination of motivation, diet, supplementation, exercise, and rest.

Alternative Arthritis Homeopathic Treatments

Arthritis is a very painful condition that can be triggered by several complicating factors. A healthy immune system will try to fight it, but if it becomes chronic, symptoms will just continually persist. In conventional medicine (ConMed), relief from pain is done using painkillers. However, this comes with attendant side effects over prolonged use. These days, ConMed drugs are thought to be a major cause of the rising cases of arthritis. It is for this reason that people desperate to find a relief for arthritic pain are considering arthritis homeopathic treatment.

Unlike ConMed, arthritis homeopathic treatment is based on the principle of finding solutions to kindle a person’s own healing capacities through natural methods. A number of homeopathic remedies for arthritis try to address the acute bouts of pain but not the underlying cause of the disease. Some of these are:

  • Arnica

It is intended for chronic arthritis that is associated with bruising and soreness. Pain gets worse when the sore part is moved or touched.

  • Aurum met

This is for serious pain in the muscles and joints that gets worse at night. People who are too focused on work or career to the extent that they feel depression generally suffer this.

  • Bryonia

This is good for the kind of pain that comes with stiffness and inflammation with throbbing pain that gets worse with motion and especially during cold dry weather.

  • Calcarea carbonica

This is particularly useful for deeply aching arthritis around the joints of hands and knees. The pain usually gets worse from cold and dampness. People who suffer from this also struggle with easy fatigue from exertion and a feeling sluggishness.

  • Causticum


This is usually advised for people indicating deformities in the tendons and joints. These are commonly felt in the fingers and hands and get worse with cold weather.

  • Dulcamara

This is for those whose arthritis flares up when the weather is cold damp, or chilled and wet. Generally, people who struggle with this type of arthritis are those who are overweight and tend to have chronic stiffness in the muscles, back pain, and allergies.

  • Kali bich

This treatment is often suggested to people whose arthritic pains alternate with asthma or stomach symptoms. Discomforts may suddenly come, go, or swing around. Pain and swelling are intensified by heat or warm weather.

  • Kalmia

This is recommended for those whose arthritic pain just flares up or starts in upper joint. For instance, it can start from knees and spread downward to the ankles and toes.

  • Pulsatilla

It is the kind of treatment advised when the arthritis pain is moving from one place to another or changing in quality. The symptoms get worse from the warmth and are relieved with fresh air and cold applications.

  • Rhododendron

It is best in cases when inflammation and tenderness flare up when the weather is cold and damp.

If you have tried all remedies offered by ConMed, it is high time to try arthritis homeopathic treatment. Of course, it would also be a good idea to pair the homeopathic treatment with a vitamin supplement, preferably one containing cissus extract, which is known to support healthy bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Who knows any of these might work for you.

Bringing Intense Workout at Home

Do you simply want to get fit but cannot do so because of the hectic day to day schedule from work or other important stuff that you need to attend to? The human body is required to have at least 3-4 times of exercise per week and allot 1-3 hours per session. Exercise, also known as a workout, offers many benefits for a person’s lifestyle. These benefits include:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve overall mood
  • Reduce excess body fats
  • Prevent health complication and diseases
  • Enhance body energy
  • Increase a good night’s sleep
  • Fun and interactive
  • Improve sex life

The benefits of workout come with amazing rewards to a person, especially if you supplement the workout with GPLC supplement, which is known to promote the above-mentioned benefits. This is the reason why there are different ways to help individuals who are busy and are having a difficult time visiting their recreation fitness gym to experience its benefits. This is by means of introducing intense workout at home.

Intense workout at home is developed especially for those people who have limited number of minutes to exercise on their regular fitness gym. Intense workout done at home differs from the conventional way of going to a fitness gym, as it is designed with minimal workout duration compared to 2-3 hours of exercising inside the gym.

Although it comes with a minimal duration of workout probably 30-60 minutes, the intensity of the workout covers and targets all major muscles and even minor muscles for a single routine. With that said, there are hundreds of varieties of intense workout at home suited for busy individuals. Here are some ways on how to get acquainted with intense workout programs.

Getting Started

  1. Web Search

You can easily research related online information about the different kinds of intense workout programs, routines and tips. This can help you access different kinds of intense exercise that suits your busy schedules.

  1. Videos

There are many intense workouts that are being published or simply uploaded by experts, well-known companies, solo entrepreneurs, and amateur individuals. They highlight their effective intense workout tutorials.

  1. Purchase Intense Workout Videos

You can also purchase videos from your local video stores or buy it through online stores. Purchasing workout videos is ideal for busy individuals.

  1. Mobile Applications

The advancement of technology has spread even on mobile phones today. Almost every individual can easily search and download intense workout programs or routines for free or by means of purchasing it for their phones. This innovation is very helpful particularly to people who have tight schedules.

Factors to Consider

As discussed above, busy individuals have no time to go to the fitness gym. This is why there are many alternatives for one to be able to participate in different workouts and one of these alternatives is by doing intense workout at home.

Programs, routines, videos, and applications for intense workout at home are designed for the purpose of aiding people participate in healthy exercise even within a short amount of time. This means that the workout routines need to be filled with quality.

Are you one of those busy individuals? Try to bring your exercise at home with different kinds of intense workout routines that are very compatible for busy people. These offer the same benefits as traditional workout programs in gyms do.

Consumer Safety Guidelines: Tips in Choosing 100% Safe and Effective Supplements

Any person in the right mind would wish to live healthy and free from worries. Having a disease is not a joke, whether it may be minor or a chronic ailment. The only ticket you have to avoid these debilitating conditions is to take a healthier route in your lifestyle. You keep hearing nutritionist, medical professionals, and other experts always suggesting to live healthy by means of having a well-balanced meal and regular exercises. In addition, they regularly make the people aware of recent developments in healthcare such as newly discovered medicine, dietary habits and other techniques to stay healthy. This goal to serve and offer more in healthcare industry sprouted the sudden growth of supplement production.


Most people consider food supplements as a great help in maintaining their wellness. Nowadays, you can find various types of vitamins and substances marketed as supplements. It is highly accessible in local pharmacies and in online stores. However, this rapid development has also become a problem in the market and pharmaceutical area. Due to the high demand of these products, harmful and fake supplements spread out in the market. Dietary supplements are good, yet, you have to be careful in choosing which to buy. Thus, to help dietary supplement consumers in selecting a 100% safe and effective supplement, here’s how to do it:


Ask a Medical Professional


If you have underlying medical conditions, it is a necessary action to consult first your doctor before buying or taking any kind of dietary supplement. With this, you can avoid purchasing fake ones and those which can affect your current medical circumstances. Moreover, your doctor can recommend you food supplements that can help in alleviating your condition.


Read the Label


Some individuals never bother reading the labels of medicines they buy. Reading a supplement’s label before purchasing it is a good way to prevent yourself from drinking harmful products. Make sure that the label has all the information you need regarding the product such as its identity, quantity of the content, list of ingredients and its respective amount, directions for use, number of servings, details about the manufacturer, distributor, and packer.


Seek for Certification


You can guarantee that a product is safe if it has a GMP and FDA certification. The FDA is a government agency which is responsible for checking consumable products sold in the market including medicines concerning its safety for consumption. They only offer certificates to manufacturers with products that passed their thorough examination. On the other hand, the GMP also provides sets of regulations and standards to guarantee the safety of drugs including food supplements. These two organizations work side by side to guarantee that customers are 100% safe from harm. You will know that a product is FDA accredited and has complied with GMP standardization through their stamp on its label.


One of the most popular dietary supplements nowadays is pregnenolone tablets. Pregnenolone is a substance proven to have wonderful medicinal properties. It can increase the hormonal levels of an individual to improve cognitive abilities, memory, mood and other mental functions. If you are in need of this medication, you can visit Amazon regarding Vitamonk’s pregnenolone supplement.