Tumors are unwanted growths that are usually found internally (most times) or externally in a human. This growth if not taken proper care of may lead to cancer and possible death of the individual. Hundreds of tumors could be found in the human body, but in this article, we would have our main focus on the Brain, Cervical, and Lumbar tumors.


Brain tumors can be located in the skull within a tissue or the bone structured spinal column which completes the central nervous system. In the human body, over 120 of Brain tumors exist. These tumors get their names from cells which they tend to resemble or the location where they are found.

There are three layers of protection in the form of tissues medically known as meninges which shield the Brain. These three layers consist of the outer layer (the very thick dura mater), the center layer (arachnoid) and the inner layer closest to the brain (pia mater).

Brain tumors in humans are usually located in or around the cerebrum area and while in kids of say 12 years and below usually have their tumors in the cerebellum. Any tumor of any sort that tends to grow close to the spinal cord area could disrupt communication to the brain. Brain tumors are the most common tumors in the history of tumor diagnosis as over 200,000 of the citizens of the United States are diagnosed year in, year out.


This is a case whereby the cervix area of the human body develops an unwanted growth usually caused by cells with the proficiency to attack and occupy other parts of the human body. At the beginning stage, usually no symptoms of any sorts are noticed but later on, symptoms such as pelvic aches or pain during sex with a partner, and in some ladies, vaginal bleeding all start to emerge.

Ultrasound may get to discover cervical fibroids or cervical cancer and would certainly not spot the precancerous evolution as such can only be detected by doing what is called a pap smear for identification.

Cervical tumors can be easily removed if detected on time after identification from a pap test. The treatment usually depends on how far gone the tumor has developed and areas that may have been affected.



Lumbar tumors are also known as spinal tumors and are categorized into the primary (commencing in the spinal edifice) or the secondary (commencing from other areas of the human body). In the case of a Lumbar tumor, the term ‘malignancy’ used by medical professionals tend to drive towards the spread of the tumor to other areas of the infected body. It is usually harder to cure. The use of ‘benign’ by a medical professional simply means the tumor is less likely to spread to other areas of the infected body.



Back pain could be caused by a lot of factors and is a frequent complaint which is usually quite uncomfortable and could be a lot of pain but usually nothing serious. This could occur with anyone but happens majorly to the adults say between 30 and 60 years. It is connected to the pattern and manner our muscles and bones at the back work and in conjunction with each other.

A spine problem could lead to series of back aches as the back of the human body is mostly comprised of muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons. Certain sections of the spine areas are segmented with cartilage pads and are known as back disks.

Taking an in-depth look into leading causes of back ache, here are some reasons you may want to consider;


This is usually the most common cause of a lot of back pains and is usually due to strained or over worked ligaments and muscles. This could be due to the lifting of a lot of hard items from the ground and carry them up and about. A majority of humans do not know how well to lift heavy items appropriately and so get to strain their back disks and muscles. Such people like those that work at construction sites and ports have issues with back pains and usually, are seen taking a lot of aspirin and other pain relievers.


People who are sick with osteoarthritis occasionally have issues with their joints around the hip, knee, ankles, wrist, lower backs, and hands. Sometimes, when so critical, it creates a narrow path around the human spinal cord, and this case is medically called spinal stenosis.


In this case, the vertebrae of the human back get stiff and absorbent thereby leading to density fractures as a result.


The outcome could result in a possible fever at the back of the human body whereby it goes up at a higher temperature than the rest of the human body. In such cases, seeing a doctor is highly advised.


Many humans get their back pains from this factor compared to others who do not suffer from this. Usually, when a back pain kicks off, it causes pain to the neck as well as stiffness. When this is observed, you should then be aware of the presence of a back ache shortly and find a way to ease off the pain.

Also, the use of certain types of mattress could cause a major back pain. It is always advisable to purchase an orthopedic bed. The risk of a back pain is high when your mattress does not support certain areas of your back when you lay to sleep or relax.



This is a case whereby the human body records very high blood sugar level over an extended phase of time. Diabetes is not a disorder that should be taken likely for not attended to, could lead to chronic complications.

Symptoms of diabetes are; repeated urination, always thirsty, always hungry and more.


  • This is a long term disorder.
  • It is widely spread across the world, and in 2013, over 385 million people were diagnosed with diabetes.
  • There are two major types of diabetic patients.
  • Over 10% of diabetics have Type 1 diabetes as their body does not provide insulin.
  • The remaining 90% of diabetics have Type 2 diabetes, and their body does not generate enough insulin for proper function of the body.
  • Pregnant women are affected by diabetes called ‘Gestational diabetes’.
  • Having a Type 1 disorder if followed by a certain diet and eating healthy alongside steady intake of insulin and exercises, a normal life is certain.
  • Type 2 diabetics are required to eat healthily and get active physically as well as go for a test of their blood glucose every now and then. Oral treatment may be required depending on the patient or the medical professional attending to a Type 2 diabetic to help control glucose levels.
  • It is important to know that there is high risk for a diabetic to get a cardiovascular disease and by so, cholesterol and blood levels should be checked on a regular.
  • Smoking is a NO for diabetics.
  • Hypoglycemia- this is a double edged condition. When there is low blood glucose found in a diabetic, it could have a bad health effect on the patient as well as if it is found to be too high, it can also have a terrible effect on the diabetic patient, and so in this case, the patient should be checked and kept neutral. Not too high and not too low, just moderate.


There are only three types of diabetes namely;

  • Gestational Diabetes: This diabetes occurs in females during their pregnancy circle, and diagnosis can only be done in a pregnant woman. The greater number of women diagnosed tend to handle this situation with frequent exercises and a balanced diet.
  • Type 1 Diabetes: Diabetics who tend to fall into this category would be required to take insulin injections for the remaining part of their lives. This is more like the chronic type of diabetes.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: This type of diabetes is usually seen in obese and big (overweight) people as they tend to have higher risk factors in getting this. Most of such people tend to control the type 2 diabetes by shedding off weight and keeping up with a healthy diet.