Arthritis is a very painful condition that can be triggered by several complicating factors. A healthy immune system will try to fight it, but if it becomes chronic, symptoms will just continually persist. In conventional medicine (ConMed), relief from pain is done using painkillers. However, this comes with attendant side effects over prolonged use. These days, ConMed drugs are thought to be a major cause of the rising cases of arthritis. It is for this reason that people desperate to find a relief for arthritic pain are considering arthritis homeopathic treatment.

Unlike ConMed, arthritis homeopathic treatment is based on the principle of finding solutions to kindle a person’s own healing capacities through natural methods. A number of homeopathic remedies for arthritis try to address the acute bouts of pain but not the underlying cause of the disease. Some of these are:

  • Arnica

It is intended for chronic arthritis that is associated with bruising and soreness. Pain gets worse when the sore part is moved or touched.

  • Aurum met

This is for serious pain in the muscles and joints that gets worse at night. People who are too focused on work or career to the extent that they feel depression generally suffer this.

  • Bryonia

This is good for the kind of pain that comes with stiffness and inflammation with throbbing pain that gets worse with motion and especially during cold dry weather.

  • Calcarea carbonica

This is particularly useful for deeply aching arthritis around the joints of hands and knees. The pain usually gets worse from cold and dampness. People who suffer from this also struggle with easy fatigue from exertion and a feeling sluggishness.

  • Causticum


This is usually advised for people indicating deformities in the tendons and joints. These are commonly felt in the fingers and hands and get worse with cold weather.

  • Dulcamara

This is for those whose arthritis flares up when the weather is cold damp, or chilled and wet. Generally, people who struggle with this type of arthritis are those who are overweight and tend to have chronic stiffness in the muscles, back pain, and allergies.

  • Kali bich

This treatment is often suggested to people whose arthritic pains alternate with asthma or stomach symptoms. Discomforts may suddenly come, go, or swing around. Pain and swelling are intensified by heat or warm weather.

  • Kalmia

This is recommended for those whose arthritic pain just flares up or starts in upper joint. For instance, it can start from knees and spread downward to the ankles and toes.

  • Pulsatilla

It is the kind of treatment advised when the arthritis pain is moving from one place to another or changing in quality. The symptoms get worse from the warmth and are relieved with fresh air and cold applications.

  • Rhododendron

It is best in cases when inflammation and tenderness flare up when the weather is cold and damp.

If you have tried all remedies offered by ConMed, it is high time to try arthritis homeopathic treatment. Of course, it would also be a good idea to pair the homeopathic treatment with a vitamin supplement, preferably one containing cissus extract, which is known to support healthy bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Who knows any of these might work for you.

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