For dogs, aside from their sensitive smelling, their sight has the most wonderful functions. Unfortunately, their eyes are also one of the most prone to diseases, especially when they get older. Here are some of the most common eye problems and how you, as the owner, could help cure them.


Corneal Wounds


Dogs, especially those that are active, are prone to different wounds, injuries, and cuts in several parts of their bodies. Their eyes are not an exception to this. When dogs run around and get poked by objects, even tall grasses, they can acquire some corneal wounds. The cornea of a dog is a thin tissue that covers their eyes. Once the cornea gets lacerated, even just a bit, the dog would feel pain and irritation. The eyes would usually become red and would tear up a lot. It can get infected and the infection can spread if not properly treated. In this case, you can use antibiotic drops or ointments for the eyes to hasten the healing of the wound and to ease the pain that the dog could be feeling. If this does not get treated immediately, surgery would be needed to repair the cornea.




Humans are not the only ones who can get cataracts when they get older. Dogs, and other animals have them, too. This eye problem could lead to poor vision or even blindness if they are left untreated. It is not hard to detect if your dog has cataract because the pupils, which is located at the center of the eye and should be black, would appear milky or greyish like a cloud is covering it. If you think that your dog has cataracts, you would need to take it immediately to a veterinarian for surgery. The longer you delay the surgery, the faster the cataract would spread over the dog’s eyes.




Glaucoma is when the balance of the fluid production and drainage in the eyes is disrupted and the pressure rises. When a dog has glaucoma, you would notice the reddening of the eyes, constant tearing, cloudy cornea, dilated pupils, and the third eyelid which is normally hidden would be visible.

For more serious cases, the eyes become larger than normal. To treat this kind of problem, you can have the dog take some oral medications or eye drops after talking to the veterinarian, to help put the fluid production and drainage back into balance. To prevent these diseases from happening to your dog, you can try milk thistle. Some people might ask, “is milk thistle for dogs healthy?” Of course, they are. They are mostly used by dog owners to help their dogs maintain good eyesight without damaging the liver.

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