Are you one of those people who consider the start of the New Year as the best time to start shedding off unwanted pounds? If so, take time to read this as this contains a simple cardio workout plan primarily targeted for beginners.

“Why cardio?” you may ask. Well, cardio workouts are specifically meant to increase your heart rate. Increased heart rate is necessary especially if you want to put your body in the zone, the zone wherein it’s most capable of burning calories and fat. Any person who wants to start exercising must have a basic cardio workout plan. Without one, you’ll be groping in the dark all throughout your workout routine.

Typically, a cardio workout plan contains the exercise routines that must be performed on a regular basis.  The plan must also indicate the duration as well as intensity of a certain routine.  However, before starting any exercise program, make sure that you have consulted a physician first. This advice is particularly helpful for those who have pre-existing health conditions so they can safely exercise. After all, hypertension is possible after a rigorous workout. You’ll do well to ensure you heart health is at its pinkest. You can try taking a supplement with propionyl l carnitine, which is meant to improve blood flow throughout the body for better heart health.

Nevertheless, the cardio workout plan for beginners must only contain basic set of exercises that are easy to do. Here’s a sample cardio workout plan for beginners:

1. Stretching exercises- Any form of physical activity must begin with stretching so muscles are warmed up. This prevents further injury by making the body more flexible. People who immediately start exercising without proper warm-up often experience body pain after working out. Simple stretching exercises like reaching your toes while seated as well as stretching your arms are good enough.

2. Walking – Start by walking slowly then increase your pace. Talk or sing while you are walking until you almost run out of breath. This ensures that you are reaching your training heart rate. Having a companion walk with you or listening to good music can take your mind off the task. Walk for at least half an hour.

3. Jumping Jack or Jump Rope – After walking, do not immediately sit down. Instead you can try jumping rope or ten jumping jacks.  Then, jog or walk in place as part of cooling down.

4. Stretching – Stretching at the end of the exercise is also important to prevent sore muscles. Do the same stretching routine that you did from the start.

Try repeating this basic cardio workout plan on a regular basis. If you can do this for at least five times a week, your risk for heart disease and diabetes can greatly decrease. Plus, you would also lose weight which can be very flattering. Also, make sure you wear the proper sports attire so you can feel comfortable. Lastly, make sure you drink enough water or sports drink so you won’t get dehydrated.

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